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We provide high quality education for young people and working professionals throughout India, helping them reach their full potential. We provide convenience, ease and flexibility to the students who strive to reach their goals.


Thanks to the revival of the economy, the job scenario is very bright. It's also an opportunity for the several executives, who chose to go enhance their educational qualification, to reap the benefits. Experts are of the opinion that it's always better to enhance one's qualification irrespective of the business cycle to stay ahead in the competitive business environment. However, for a working professional, it requires a lot of efforts and time to go back to the learning mode without straining the finances.

National College offers the complete guidance, counselling and solution to the educational requirements of working professionals since 1998.

  • How can one do the perfect balancing act? Let's look at the possibilities.
  • As we know the working professionals have no time for his/her own educational growth once they are in job.
  • Lack of time and fear of no time to study syndrome halts their on paper educational growth of working professionals.
  • Working professionals have great knowledge due to experience in job.
  • But normally their paper qualification does not reflect their knowledge level in practice.
  • And nowadays with good knowledge the high paper qualification also matters either for promotions OR for better job opportunities.
  • So this becomes a vicious circle as no higher qualification so no better positions.
  • National college breaks the entire chain of hurdles in the way of all the working professionals.
  • We offer complete guidance, counselling and 100% solution to all these hurdles.
  • Effortless process is the key for all working professionals.
  • At National College we counsel for the degrees ONLY from Universities under UGC(Under Govt. Of India ).
  • So this makes you enable for any Govt. Jobs / private jobs / VISA etc.
  • We provide Text books, Video lectures for all.
  • The one who join hands with us achieves his/her aimed qualification smoothly.

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National Education Council, 307, Orion Business Park, GB Road, Thane, MAharashtra - 400 607

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National College, Main Campus, Mahim Road, Tal. Palghar, Dist. Thane, MAharashtra - 401404